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MUSCLE INSIDER Model Search 2018

Friday, July 6 th

The MUSCLE INSIDER Model Search is back, and it’s your chance to get discovered by Canada’s #1 fitness
magazine! The contest, sponsored by Precision Supplements, will be held at the Vancouver Pro/Am & Expo on Friday, July 6th and is open to all men and women, no experience necessary. All competitors will be published in the pages of MUSCLE INSIDER and will compete for cash, prizes, editorial exposure, and a chance to have your own custom photo shoot with the top photographers in the fitness industry!
The MUSCLE INSIDER Model Search returns to the Hard Rock Casino, Vancouver with two divisions:
1. Female Bikini Model
2. Male Muscle Model
Don’t miss your chance to be discovered! First place takes home CASH and PRIZES, with every contestant getting guaranteed magazine exposure. The top three finalists will get a custom photo shoot and be featured in an upcoming issue of MUSCLE INSIDER.
 Grand prize for each class winner will be $1,000 in cash and prizes.
 The top three from each category will win a custom photo shoot and will be showcased in MUSCLE
 We will be covering the contest in the pages of MUSCLE INSIDER, so every competitor is guaranteed to
get published!
 More prizes to be announced!
NOTE: Custom photo shoot prize winners will be photographed within 48 hours of the event in the host city. All
winners must make themselves available during this time period and location or they forfeit their photo shoot
When: Friday, July 6
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Where: Hard Rock Casino, Vancouver
Who: Open to men and women 18 years and older
Entry Fee: $150 + applicable taxes (includes expo pass entry).
Online Registration: Closes July 3; sign up below.
Onsite Registration: Will take place at the CPA Pro Qualifier Athlete’s Meeting on Thursday, July 5 from 4
p.m. to 9 p.m..
Late Onsite Registration: Will take place at the MUSCLE INSIDER booth on Friday, July 6 before 2 p.m..
REGISTRATION PACKAGE: Competitors can pick up their registration package from a MUSCLE INSIDER
representative at the CPA Pro Qualifier Athletes’ Meeting on Thursday, July 5th from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. or at the MUSCLE INSIDER booth on Friday, July 6 before 2 p.m..
NOTE: All contestants must sign the MUSCLE INSIDER Waiver before competing and must report to the back of the stage by 2 p.m. on Friday, July 6 and contest judging at 3 p.m. Failure to appear by the stated time will result in removal from the competition and forfeiture of entry fee. We encourage you to wear your swimsuit underneath your clothes and have your hair and makeup ready by the time you arrive to the back of the expo stage. We also encourage women to bring two (2) bikinis. We will be inspecting your bikini bottoms to make sure they are NOT a G-string or a thong, which are not allowed. If the bikini does not pass inspection, you will not be allowed onstage unless you change your bikini. If you have any doubt as to whether or not your bikini will pass inspection, email a photo to or bring it to registration so we may approve it beforehand. Please note that regardless of your bikini being approved beforehand by e-mail it will also be inspected again at the event. For additional information or questions check out our Facebook events page at

or contact



Contestants can wear a standard two-piece bikini of any colour pattern as long it’s in good taste. No micro-bikinis, G-strings, or thongs are permitted. High heels are the footwear to be worn in this category. Wear heels that you’re able to comfortably walk in and are not distracting to the judges and audience. Jewelry should complement the physique and not distract from it. Please, no large necklaces or bracelets. Earrings, simple bracelets, and rings that complement your physique are permitted.
The emphasis here is based on a healthy, shapely, athletic physique with visible abs and overall attractiveness.
Facial beauty, physical fitness, even skin tone, poise, posture, and confidence are key to photogenic quality and
overall marketability and placing. Skin tone and complexion should be smooth, firm, and healthy in appearance
and without cellulite. Hair and makeup should complement the total presentation.
Contestants’ attire is traditional knee-length board shorts that complement the contestants’ physique. Shorts need
to be worn in good taste with no torn materials or holes. We prefer the contestants be in bare feet. Jewelry should
complement the physique and not distract from it. Please, no necklaces or bracelets. Small earrings, rings, and
wedding bands are permitted.
Men are judged on lean, developed, and proportionate musculature with visible muscle separation and overall
conditioning. Symmetry and clearly defined abs are keys to overall assessment. A well-proportioned, photogenic,
healthy-looking, tanned, muscular physique is the desired presentation. Remember, stage presence is also
important as poise and self-confidence are easily detected by the judges and audience, which may affect your
overall marketability and placing.
NOTE: Men’s Muscle Model competitors will be asked to choose a “favourite classic bodybuilding pose of
your choice.” After quarter-turn presentations, they will come back around to front pose. At that point they will be
asked to hit their favourite classic bodybuilding pose.
 Judges will consist of magazine staff, industry personalities and influencers, so bring your best to the
stage … you just never know who could be evaluating you.
 Contestants will walk out and be introduced individually where they will be able to pose and turn however
they choose.
 If you have given us the name of your trainer, he/she will be announced as you come out onstage.
 Once all contestants have been introduced, they will be called forward to complete front and back poses
for judging and comparisons.
 In general, judges will be looking for a healthy, fit, photogenic physique worthy of being in MUSCLE
INSIDER. The judging will involve critiquing toned bodies that display desired conditioning, symmetry,
body shape, complexion, poise and overall presentation for the category being judged. A healthy tan is
highly recommended to allow both the judges and audience to see the physique under bright lights, as is
having an even skin tone for overall presentation.
 Attire must complement the contestants’ physique. It must be worn in good taste with no tears or holes.
 Keep posing and presentation in good taste. Posing in a provocative or overly sexual manner will be
frowned upon and result in a lower placing.
 Contestant numbers must be attached to the front left of the contestant bottoms.
 All contestants must assign MUSCLE INSIDER’s Legal Waiver and agree to the terms and conditions
prior to stepping onstage.